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Welcome to the official website for Gul'dan's Intergalactic Penguins! This site will be a work in progress for a little while, but once it's up and going we hope it will become a hub of information for members and non-member a like. So take a look around and sign up if you're a member!

          What we are...

A mature casual raiding guild.
This means we are MATURE.
We are social and like to have fun and joke around.
We WILL have scheduled raid times and if you say you are going to be there we expect you to be there, or at least let us know ahead of time if you can't.

          What we are not...

A job. We won't harp on you for not being on for three days without letting us know. We are not robots, so have fun, but be respectful.

          Mission statement...

Slay Alliance. Slay....lots of other stuff. We like to slay things. So if you like slaying, rest assured, much slaying will be involved.

Also, real life > wow.  This means that if you need some time away (no matter the reason) we got your back.  We would rather be your friend than your boss.


Hit lvl 85. Why? All the easier to slay things of course! Now we don't expect you to get there less than like 2 days, and its easier with a guild so we're here to help people out leveling and getting gear. We are playing to have fun so take your time, ask for help, and most importantly enjoy the game. Sooo...if you're spending lots of time leveling your professions, thats cool, just make me some gear and all is forgiven.
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Lich King - almost done!

Deavita, Nov 6, 10 6:22 PM.
Everyone! We reached Lich King October 31st!

Kyle was so happy he decided to give a lap dance for the king.

Holy Guacamole!

Intergalactic_Penguins, Nov 5, 10 7:54 PM.
OMG! New's pretty empty..... YAY!
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